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What we do

Next Level Media is a full-service advertising agency dedicated to helping our clients reach the NEXT LEVEL by partnering to create and implement outstanding, results-driven advertising, marketing, and communications solutions through innovative and cost-effective media strategies. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients through years of experience in the media industry.  Next Level Media handles all aspects of strategic planning, creative development, digital and traditional media planning and buying, and interactive marketing.

Strategic Planning

Research and planning are essential to successful campaigns. Next Level Media is dedicated to helping our clients achieve success by developing sound marketing strategies through extensive research on your company, your target market, the geographic area that you want to reach, and your competition.  Once this strategy is in place, we can effectively hone in on the right creative, the right market, and the right media to deliver your message.

Creative Development

Creative development starts with your brand. Your brand design is your first impression, and it begins with your graphic logo design.  Your brand should capture attention, project the right image, and convey the right information about  your company.  From beginning to end, customers should gain a clear understanding and image of your company and products through your brand.
Through strategic collaborations with the best of the best in the industry, we can develop all creative elements needed for  your specific campaign, goals, and budget.   From television commercials and radio commercials to print ads, billboards, websites, social media, mobile, and more.

Media Planning and Buying

Our extensive experience in media sales over the years ensures that we know the ins and outs of each media channel, its audience, and its performance history for a variety of client product and service offerings. We tailor media plans that answer your needs and reach your target market.   We are very specific in the stations, channels, and programs that we target for each individual client.  We secure the lowest possible rates, and we help you to launch your campaign at the right time to maximize the response.


Media buying comes in many forms to include traditional, interactive, engagement, and political. With so many available avenues, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and purchase the wrong media at the wrong price. Our goal is to broker your media buys and put your brand in front of consumers through innovative and cost-effective media strategies. Knowing how to effectively combine traditional media marketing with new communications channels is critical to reaching today’s consumers.


Next Level Media studies your goals, then mixes new media with television, radio, print, and outdoor to make the most of your advertising dollars. Interactive media buying strategies offer advertisers endless ways to reach customers. Next Level Media ‘s digital media buying experts locate your target market by identifying their online behaviors, then building and executing a custom media strategy that connects you with your audience.  After the strategy has been implemented, we are able to track the direct results of your interactive campaign.


Next Level Media can hone in on the right markets and the right media to deliver your message.  These decisions lead to effective media buys that capture attention, persuade people to act, and allow your product or company to REACH THE NEXT LEVEL.

Take Your Business to the Next Level